Michael Mizrachi


Michael Mizrachi is an exceptionally eminent name in the realm of poker game. He happens to be one of the extraordinary Professional Poker Players in the United States of America. Participating in the poker games Michael surpass 5.8 million Us dollars in the year of 2007.  In the early stage of his existence, Michael treasured the desire of turning into a specialist when he might act like an adult. Most unexpectedly, he was a school dropout putting a closure to his studies in place that he could turn into a Professional full-time Poker Player.

Michael Mizrachi is known to be the proficient poker. This recognition came to him arrived in January, 2005 as he stood fifth position in the World Poker Open tournament of the World Poker Tour. He stowed the first award on the World Poker Tour, winning an amount of 1,859,909 US dollars. He is now as significant as Poker Professionals like Ted Forrest and Erick Lindgren in the field of poker game.

His excellence as a poker proficient in the year of 2005 uncovers that he secured the eleventh position contending with 452 participants. There are numerous more achievements of Michael Mizrachi in this very year. He set a record by having to his credit 7 cash in the World Series of Poker.   It is clear that he will rule the poker world in the distant future.

Michael Mizrachi completed up securing the second place in the Gold Strike World Poker Open of the World Poker Tour. He was defeated by Scotty Nguen. In this game he won 1,173,373 US dollars beating Erick Lindgren and John D’agostino in the finals. Throughout season 2 of the High Stakes Poker, he was one of the Poker Professionals. In the year 2006, he received Card Player Magazine’s Player of the Year Award.

CPPT Ocean’s San Diego Classic :Day 1 story


Card Player Poker Tour Ocean’s 11 San Diego Classic US$ 200 buy-in tournament 2016’s first is now history. 21st April, i.e. Thursday, saw the first 2 flights of 6 get underway. Flight 1A attracted hundred-nineteen total entries while 1B drew in hundred-six.

With a total of two-hundred- twenty-five entries as of now, the prize kitty has already developed to US$ 43560 with 4 beginning battles yet to go. Just thirty-four poker players lasted from the 2 starting battles which ran today, with Jerome Mangum in the top with 213300. Have a look at the chip counts of those players who have made their way to the second day.
Players who want to take part in this magnificent event can still play flight 1C, flight 1D, and flights 1E and 1F. The first two will take place on Friday, while the second two would take place on Saturday.
San Diego Classic, held on 21st April, to 24th April, is the Card Player Poker Tour’s first event in San Diego and testifies once and for all that there are great major events in California apart from Los Angeles. With a humble buy-in of US$ 200, and the scope to re-enter one time during every qualifying session, poker players have several scopes to reach the final day.
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Poker pPlayer Antonio Esfandiari apologizes for his actions, to donate $50K to charity


Antonio Esfandiari, the well known poker pro, has apologized for urinating in a bottle underneath a poker table. He sworn to donate the US$ 50000 he got his hand into in a prop bet to charity.
Businessman Bill Perkins and Antonio Esfandiari made a US$ 50000 bet that needed Esfandiari to do lunges all the places he went for 48 hours. Walking was not allowed on the bet – just lunging. By Day 2’s end, Antonio’s legs were so tired that he could not lunge to the toilet. When, rest of the poker pros was on a break, he stayed at the table and urinated under the table in a bottle.
His action was highly criticized in the social mediums and it was called a serious breach of tournament etiquette. He was asked to leave the event at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure tournament series. The news actually made rounds after it was first mentioned on the internet.
Later in a statement, Antonio Esfandiari said that everything people have heard are all true. He did not want to justify his actions, but it was not acceptable. All he could do is learn from his mistakes and grow from them. He has apologized to anyone and everyone who might have been affected and would continue to do so.

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Massimiliano Pescatori is among the best Italian poker players


If you were to compile the list of top-notch players from Italy, one poker guru you would not overlook is Massimiliano Pescatori. The Italian has managed to place at the top in the Card Player Magazine many times. His poker experience is founded on numerous games that he has played on Texas Hold’em.

Investing his resources in the World Series of Poker events, he has managed to achieve what his fellow countrymen would regard to as astounding performance. His appearances have always ended by conferring him substantial cash and he boasts trove accolades in his trophy case.

A keen reading of his resume depicts him as a trailblazing Italian in the poker industry and is among the top-notch from his backyard.

On the World Series of Poker side, Pescatori has outpaced entrants to clinch a bracelet in the 2006 $2,500 NLHE while pocketing $682,389 in the process. His second bracelet found its way in his trophy portfolio in the 2008 WSOP’s $2,500 pot-limit hold’em-Omaha where he also netted $246,509. Continue reading ‘Massimiliano Pescatori is among the best Italian poker playersrgb’

Roberto Romanello is Welsh Best Poker Player


Welsh players have been inexorably eclipsed in the global poker arenas by their counterparts from different nations. It is hard to come across the name of a Welsh when one delves into the poker books to search for the unspoken heroes of poker.

However, Roberto Romanello is an exception as he has sailed the Welsh flag to the international plane by finishing among the top players in events he has played. Though he has not clinched as many accolades as US players and loftily earned as much, his poker CV is worth poring over.

In the meanwhile as of 2005, his total live events were estimated to have raked him a more than two million. What’s more, he is an ultra-flexible poker professional as he has also played online games and is a winner of the World Poker Tour first prize that he garnered within two weeks of playing. Continue reading ‘Roberto Romanello is Welsh Best Poker Playerrgb’

Justin Bonomo has Groundbreaking Performance


The popularity of poker has provided opportunities to players to build up their reputation and amass more cash for their jackpot. In this vein, players from the US have condescendingly eclipsed their counterparts in top-notch poker competitions, one such player is Justin Bonomo. He is American and his poker resume encompasses various profound finishes at world-shattering gambling events. His tinge of earnings will continue to be echoed in the casino realms as he is of a distinct aptitude. His craze began when he was declared the youngest poker player to feature a nationally televised final table in February 2005, placing 4th. However, he also has other remarkable performances that bolster his status as a top-notch.

His ground-breaking tournament was at the 2012 Monte Carlo EPT (European Poker Tour) in April €100,000 High Roller buy-in tournament where he netted a whopping $2,167,588. This final table had attracted a number of famed giants including Patrik Antonius, Daniel Negreanu and Jonathan Duhamel. Interestingly, at the age of nineteen, he final tabled at the televised EPT French Open at Deauville, he emerged 4th.  Other breakthrough finishes include final tabling four times at the WPT (Bellagio) V Diamond Classic in 2006. He completed the competition at the 7th place which earned him as much as $152,000. These significant events are highly rugged; players who manage such accomplishments are top-notch.

Conspicuous in his resume is the 4 WSOP final tables he has managed alongside finishing twice in runner-up. Bonomo runner-up finish first came at the 2008 WSOP $1,500 mixed-holdem Limit +No Limit event, scooping $230,159. His second was at the 2011 WSOP $2,500 Two Seven 3 Draw Low Ball tournament, going home with $117,305. It is indisputable his poker career has earned him titles and whopping sums of cash. His incessant appearance at the global high status gambling competitions will give spawn more wins.

Aaron Bieck though with less experience has proved to be best player


Though we may all know that most of the poker players are from the US, we definitely should know that the great player Aaron Bieck is also from US and staying at Plymouth, WI. Though he has played for very less number of years in the poker world he has won enough of cash prizes due to which one should admit the fact that he has soon picked up in the industry. He might be smart in his moves without which it is truly tough that he gets to this position. Leaving the goal of knowing how he became an expert let us look at the winnings he has made in this world due to which the craze for him has increased automatically.

His first success in the poker world was recognized as the cash prize of $7,113 which he has won for coming 7th position in the Venetian DeepStack Extravaganza III where he enjoyed the No Limit Hold’em like many other popular players. He did play this game in the year 2011 on June 30th. One should admit that his life time achievement can be considered as the cash prize of $124,438 which he won for the reason of completing 1st at the final table in the WSOP Circuit Event. In this game we should say that the great player has played the game safe by selecting the No Limit Hold’em which he always does.

His recent winning was in the year 2012 on June 30th wherein he participated in 43rd WSOP 2012 Event 53 where he again chosen No Limit Hold’em and was able to finish in 73rd at the final table by winning the $6,839 after which he has slowed down a little bit, may be for some personal reasons. However, this player has the great potential in him which he would be able to nurture when he continue in the same poker world.

Luca Pagano, an aggressive internet poker player


This famous celebrity from poker world has first completed his degree in computer programming but did not enter into the most alluring high salary based software engineering jobs. He did not dream about his career in the corporate companies but rather selected the high money making profession which is playing in the poker world. Like the many poker players, Luca also has started learning the most potential income paying poker games by playing at the free money tables that are more supportive for the new gamers who want to learn the game with all of the math calculations. After learning the game with the help of the free money tables, he was able to find himself beating out the players at these free tables in very less time and hence found that he does not fit at these tables anymore. So he slowly shifted towards the money paying poker games.

Once he decided to play in the money games he did not turned back as he was winning good incomes at the events. Most of his attempts were on the EPT. The first milestone that is recorded against his name is the EPT Barcelona No Limit Hold’em Main Event in which he came 3rd position at the final table thus winning $24,500. There are few similar low cash prices which he has won in the consecutive years. But in the year 2008 he won big cash prize of $533,253 coming in 6th position EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final. After this event his winning amount never came down less than 6 digits thus winning fame as the world famous poker players. His recent cash prize is around $144,666 which he won in the EPT, Deauville No Limit Hold’em Main event. Apart from poker he also paid attention in trading on the stocks and shares.

Online gaming waiting to enter Pennsylvania


Some in Pennsylvania have been contemplating the thought of sanctioning internet gaming that might be offered from state-sanctioned sites. While no less than one chose official now wants the demonstration of playing to be criminalized. A state lawmaker is pushing a proposal that might make the “first violation a summary offense that carries a possible $300 fine and up to 90 days in prison”. This is “a second violation might be a misdemeanour carrying a possibility of a $2,500 fine and up to a year in prison.”

Those punishments clearly wouldn’t be for running an unlawful wagering site in or from the state, yet basically for logging on and wagering on an existing site, apparently seaward as the law may make destinations residential to Pennsylvania incomprehensible. The legislator’s endeavours have the gift of the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling. It is a social event which billionaire gambling joint manager Sheldon Adelson has promised to store perpetually. Las Vegas Sands has a money joint in Pennsylvania, so it has some skin in the diversion there.

The state has the second largest business casino industry in the country. A year back to the day, the state of Washington chose to postpone settling its law that says playing online poker is criminal. Despite the fact that nobody has ever been put on trial for playing poker online there, numerous poker supporters see that decree as draconian. Neighbouring Pennsylvania has lawful and functioning web betting. The significant offshore poker sites left American cyberspace after Black Friday in 2011. Yet numerous smaller sites still make a move from those inside the Unite States. With the advent of online gaming in the southern state, the profits of Pennsylvania will soar to the greatest levels. Accordingly, proper legal co-ordination is necessary to ensure controlled gambling. Pennsylvanian authorities have welcomed the idea of an online gaming industry.